Army West Point

Another trip to New York is coming up and I’m not just talking about the city. I’m actually pretty surprised at the amount of people that aren’t too familiar with West Point. As a matter of fact, at least half of the people that I’ve talked to gave me the same blank face as if they had never heard of it before. Outside of the grey, gloomy, castle-like vibe some might get from the school, especially during heavy winters (some may refer to those as snow-mageddons), there is a peaceful beauty in that area that is truly underrated. The Hudson River Valley is such a gorgeous area to explore and relax in for a weekend retreat from the city.Even in the cold I still appreciate being outside, breathing in fresh air, and looking out past the horizon. On a spontaneous drive through the area I stumbled upon a beautiful red barn surrounded by horse farms and winerys. I have had a number of flights into Stewart and White Plains, but I still see more to come. Let me know about any cool places to check out in the area, I’ve been to Beacon, Peekskill, Newburgh, Walden, and Wappingers Falls. Share some of your West Point stories with me!

P.S. Go Army. 




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