Top 3 at Trader Joe’s

I’m not sure where you guys live, but I hope that you have a Trader Joe’s nearby. Lately I have been obsessed with their Earl Grey tea that I’ve been making with a teaspoon of honey and a splash of Good Karma Vanilla Flaxmilk, iced. This is my current iced go-to drink and I highly recommend this Earl Grey for any tea lover.

Another great TJ purchase was found in the freezer aisle. I had macaroons for the first time in New York last month, and I must say I was sad to find out such a delicious treat existed all these years without my knowledge. These obviously won’t be the same as heading to eaTaly or the other great foodie districts in NYC, but these will do. Coconut is my favorite.

The Mochi Ice Cream was also delicious. If you are in a curious mood I recommend the Strawberry or Green Tea flavors. 

Sadly this is not New York, this is Florida, and I’m still on the hunt for delicious Earl Grey Macaroons. Yes, Earl Grey in a Macaron, it was quite fantastic. God I love New York.

How do you spell it anyway , macaron or macaroon?




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