Soap and Glory. Kick-ass or maybe not so much?

When I first stumbled upon the witty cosmetics line from the UK I fell in love. Where was all of this pink badassery my whole life? I had been using plain Jane cosmetic branding all of this time. Well, it’s safe to say I got a bit ahead of myself when Target Cartwheel had a 20% off deal on the entire line and Walgreens had a buy 2 get 1 free promotion going on back to back. This was my chance to dive in. 

Unfortunately, there’s no way to say it other than I have mixed reviews on this haul of mine. I am absolutely 100% in love with The Righteous Butter, there are no doubts I will be repurchasing that product, but I’m not too sure of the rest. 

I would give The Righteous Butter 5 stars for scent, formula, and packaging. It is long lasting in a good way, I feel moisturized and smell delicious long after application. 5 stars!

The Hand Food has the same “original pink fragrance” as The Righteous Butter and so I have no complaints there, but I do feel like my Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream does a better job for my horribly dry hands (I’m a nurse and wash my hands 100 times a day, ok maybe not 100 but I’m also a germaphobe so probably close to it). And I feel like it’s just an extender of The Righteous Butter so I don’t see the point in having both products, save your money and stick with the Butter. 

The heel Genius on the other hand, it works. I don’t have experience with trying a lot of foot creams so I don’t have anything to compare this to, but after just 2 nights of applying this and wearing socks while I sleep like it says to do, I was amazed at how soft my feet were! 

The Sugar Crush Body Lotion, is, well it’s good, but nothing like the Butter. It has the “sweet lime fragrance” which I enjoy and I think this will be a perfect everyday light body lotion for the summer. If you are sensitive to fragrance, you may not be crazy about this or the line in general. 

I picked the Sugar Crush Body Spray as my free product and lets just say I’m glad it was free. I enjoy the sweet lime fragrance from the body lotion, but for some reason having it isolated in a body spray is just too much for me and gives me an awful headache. Unfortunately I will probably end up giving this to a friend who is less sensitive to fragrant body sprays. 

And finally for the makeup. My friends, no, just no. Save your money!!! I was so excited to try the Wonderbronze, Love at First Blush, and Peach Party multi-color bricks, but I was disappointed by all! I wanted to love these babies so much it hurts.   Just look at those beautiful unfiltered pigments of shimmery goodness! I tried using these as bronzer, blush, highlight, eyeshadow. Just no. There is no color pick up what so ever!! You can’t see any color on my skin and I’m at my palest right now!! I have seen Kathleen Lights take a needle comb to other powder makeup products to help “loosen pigments” to make them easier to pick up. But with the money I spent on these, I shouldn’t have to damage the product to be able to use it. So unfortunately, I just can’t recommend these products even though they are gorgeous.

So to wrap this up, stick to the Butter and you’ll be ok. I’m still interested in trying their scrubs and smoothie line since I think their body products are superior to their makeup. Other than that, try to steer clear of the beautiful pink displays. Sorry Soap and Glory fans, I hope you have better luck than I did. 




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